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GyakuSai RP Team
United States
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Welcome to the Gyakuten Saiban role play homepage!

Founder: ssophiaa

Admins: AgeofZero, stickyblood, Southern00Belle
One admin does not have more power than another admin.

Disclaimer: These characters in this project (except the OCs) do not belong to us. They all belong to CAPCOM. We're role-playing Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright/Apollo Justice/Ace Attorney Investigations characters just for fun!

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News from AgeofZero [Last update: 05/01/11] :

:pointr: I swear to god I haven't forgotten the prizes. I'm getting on that before my next semester starts, cross my heart. That gives me all of three days, BUT I'VE WORKED ON MORE IN LESS TIME, LET'S DO THIS MADNESS.

Anyways, I'll keep the winners up until my side of the arts gets done at least.

In the PW Arc category...
1st place: Kitten-Mia
2nd place: Reiji-Edgeworth
3rd place: TIE BETWEEN Gregory-Edgeworth, Prosecutor-Skye, AND G0d0t. YOU GUYS, MAKE UP YOUR MINDS.

In the AJ Arc category...
1st place: Procksecutor-Gavin
2nd place: WesleyStickler
3rd place: troocy

And of course, Buddy cleaned house in the AAI category.

:pointr: We have a Winfred "Big Wins" Kitaki and a Klavier Gavin coming soon! Keep an eye out for them!

News from Southern00Belle [Last update: 3/7/11] :

:pointr: And we've lost Winfred Kitaki.

:pointr: Bros, man. Today we lost Ini Miney, Little Trucy, and Kay Faraday.

:pointr: So, I just got through running through all your comments and warning those who needed to be warned.
Guys, that was just so monotonous. Having to post the same message, over and over again. Man, I love you guys that actually did the required amount of comments. Well, I still love all of you, but I am just extremely thankful for the few individuals that I didn't have to warn. We should all take our cues from them. Please, for the sake of sanity.

:new:News from stickyblood [Last update: 6/4/11] :

:pointr: We would like to welcome Wocky to our ranks! Wocky--Kitaki

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow: Join us for some real-time RP! Events will also be held in here. :bulletyellow::bulletyellow:

:pointr:… :pointl:

Rules: You MUST read these! If you do not follow the rules, you will be terminated from the club!

:target: For Canon Characters

1.You should stay in character to give characters more realistic aura.
2. Pairings will be allowed, as long as the interaction stays PG/mild.
3. Keep the accounts active! Let's say, how does "at least twice a week" sound?
4. If you’re going on a hiatus, please inform people by mentioning it in your journal. Don’t forget to tell how long you will be gone. At the most, 10 weeks of hiatus will be allowed, and 4 weeks without.
5. Be creative! Your character may be dead, but you have the game and you can make up their personalities.
6. Please be nice to others, don’t use slang. Well, Wocky Kitaki and Furio Tigre are an exception.
7. You don’t have to speak only with the characters in your arc. Try to be creative and talk with the others (and stay in character while doing it)!
8. Court Records is the best fan site around. Check it out if you need more information about the characters.
9. Having more than 2 accounts is unfair. Give other fans a chance! You can role-play up to two characters, just don’t choose close characters.
10. Please do not make your activity invisible.
11. You must be making at least 12 replies or comments per month.

:target: RULES: For the Original Characters

1. You can’t go and act like the canon characters already knew your character. Nor they could be related to the canon characters. You should introduce your character to them first.
2. Your character will be accepted only if they have a sprite. This way it will be easier for the role-players to get used to your OC’s existence. (You can send your sprite via note, one of us can turn it into an icon for you. Yes, your OCs need to use a similar style of icon to be count as a member of this RP group.)
3. Never ever forget to submit an introduction journal just like the rest of the team. OC introductions are really important, because we don’t know anything about them. Please don’t let your OCs be too cliché. Use your imagination! They can be a student at the Ivy University, they can be a nurse at the Hotti Clinic, they can be working at the Wonder Bar! Determine which characters do you want to role-play with and choose your character’s personality according to them.
4. Don’t forget to tell me which game’s time-line your character is in, because most people haven't been telling us and we don't know where to put them.
5. You don’t need to send applications for your OCs. But I’ll only accept quality OCs to this group.
6. You can have OC accounts even if you have two RP accounts. They’re limitless.
7. You can't pair up your OCs with the canon characters. Only mentioning is allowed.
8. Please, please please no Mary-sues or Gary-stus. Let's not make our characters beautiful smart everyone-loves-them characters. Let's make them ultimately flawed in something. Plleeaaase.
9. You must be making at least 12 replies or comments per month.

How do I join?

1. Choose a character from the “remaining characters” list (below).
2. Send me a note (please type a subject like this: "Application: Younger Mia Fey", it will help me to categorize the notes) filling out the form below:

a) Which character do you want?:
b) Why do you want to role-play as this character?:
c) Do you really think that you can role-play this character?:
d) Show me (please write a monologue (it should be a paragraph, meaning 4 or 5 lines at least), any subject will be accepted):
e) How many times a week you think you could check your comments?:
f) Do you agree with the rules? (Yes/No):
g) Do you have any ideas concerning the character you wish to role-play as?:

3. Please do not create an account before receiving the note telling that you’re in.
4. Once you’re in, don’t forget to submit an introduction journal. Remaining confidential or mentioning your regular account is up to you.
5. Please do not make your activity invisible.
6. After everything is ready, the club will add you to the character list and you'll get your icon at this point.

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Browniez0128 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's been something like three-four years since I was part of this group, but I'm sad to see it's gone now. I'm inactive here too, but this group opened me up to so many friends and experiences that affect me even today. I'm so glad I took that chance and became your Franziska. :heart:
Nico-The-Serperior Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013
*Grabs a shovel, and puts the group in the coffin*
R.I.P Gsrp-DA
Nico-The-Serperior Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
...Might as well bury this group.
It'd Offically DEAD.
Nico-The-Serperior Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2012
Dammit capcom, Y u no localize AAI2?
DetectiveFaith Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2011
// Hey there, guys!

Here to announce that I'll be retiring from RP-ing Buddy. It's been great, even if it was only a few months. I'll miss this group and all our shenanigans, especially on the chat.

See you around and take care. Always!
Thomas-Rainbow Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2011
(OOC: :icontumbleweedplz: )
Viola-Cadaverini Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2011
[OOC: I'm not here to talk to the RPleaders, but I am here to talk to all the people below me! Hiya guys, I wanted to just give you some advice. If you wanna play in this game, and the person who plays that character is gone-- go make an account and come say hi! In your signature, just put that you're an independent Rper, that way, if the 'formal Player' comes back in, no one will be confused.

The last time these guys replied to anything was far too long ago. And I still respect them, so we have to accept that there's not much one can do about something like this. And I have a feeling one of them will pop up outta nowhere sometime! :3

So, anyways, let's go and have fun! No one is stopping us. :') ]
AdrianFarenheitTepes Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011
Any chance this can be revived by new RPers? :dance:
Tabitha-Ichigo Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2011
We died ;A;
I blame Capcom for not localizing AAI2.
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